January Mission: Inspired By

Contest Rules

The very first Monthly Mission! The theme: Inspired By. We dare you to select a masterpiece that captivates you as the starting point for your monthly task.


  • Choose one painting as inspiration for your creation
  • The painting can be in any style: modern, old masters, cubism, hyperrealistism etc.
  • Create one photo inspired by this painting
  • All camera’s are allowed
  • You are allowed to edit the photo with apps or photoshop, but not use AI generators, that would be too easy. We want you to work hard for result! 
  • Post the photo on Instagram with the original painting in one post and tag your post with #mstrlyjanuary
  •  Follow our Instagram account (below)
  • You may pitch the entry with a 30 second video. It’s not mandatory, but could help to win the jury over!

January 24th
Announcement winner:
January 30th

(more to follow, stay tuned)

Winner will receive 100 euro and the book “Amsterdam is oh so quiet” of iAnnet. 
All Monthly Mission Winners will participate in the MSTRLY AWARD 2024 exhibition in the beginning of 2025. Location will be notified. 

Coming days and weeks we will update you with news, informations and tips & tricks on this website. 

Examples of inspiration

Gregory Crewdson’s “Untitled (Ophelia)” (2001) from the artist’s acclaimed Twilight series.

The art work is inspired by Sr. John Everett Millais interpretation of Shakespeare’s Ophelia (1851) from Hamlet and depicts a young woman lying in a flooded living room, surrounded by furniture and objects that suggest a normal domestic life. The scene is both realistic and surreal, creating a sense of tension and ambiguity.

Millais’ Ophelia encountered a mixed response when first exhibited at the Royal Academy, but has since come to be admired as one of the most important works of the mid-nineteenth century for its beauty, its accurate depiction of a natural landscape, and its influence on artists from John William Waterhouse to Salvador Dalí.

Another Ophelia! (thanks Jan van Breda)

Music is also a source of inspiration for every artist. We will emphasize on music in another Monthly Mission this year.

Meet iAnnet, the visionary behind MSTRLY, who found inspiration in Caravaggio’s mesmerizing painting, “Narcissus” (1597).

Captivated by the tale of a striking youth ensnared by self-love, unable to break free, ultimately succumbing to passion, iAnnet delves into the Baroque brilliance of Caravaggio’s mastery in light and drama.

In her captivating series, “Narcissus,” iAnnet explores the intricate link between human conditions and the portrayal of the body. The model was captured with an iPhone 7 Plus in 2017 – a modern twist on classical observations!

Leave home, go on adventure!